Monday, May 18, 2009

Yorktown(e) Starting the ride

. Yorktown(e),VA to Glendale, VA. We dipped our rear tires in the Atlantic Ocean at Yorktown(e), VA This is a rite of passage for these trips. And did it rain? The whole day was ridden in a driving rain, but it’s just part of the trip, all 64 miles of it. “Prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. I have all the right gear, but was totally soaked (along with all my bags) when I got the nights “lodging”. We crossed the Chickahominy river, which is not significant, but I like to say the word. Along the way we saw the Sherwood Forest Plantation, the home of President John Tyler. Also, we were cycling along the Civil War History Trail. Saw battlefields that I had never heard of, including Malvern Hill Battle, which was Part of the “Seven days of Battle”, which was part of the battle for Richmond (10 miles away). Finally it quit raining just as pulled into the church, which was our first nights lodging. This was the Willis Church, built in the 1840’s and was used by both the North and the South as a field hospital during the Civil War. Dry sleeping indoors….Yahoo! Super friendly folks at the church who offered us all the Potluck food that they had left over. This is great news, since I am the cook tonight. Diner a total success, with lasagna, salad, lemon drink, and three different cakes, and two pies! Map meeting and to bed. More Later, Ollie PS The date the you see on these blogs are not necessarily the date that I rode the area.


  1. Go Ollie!
    Sounds like a ton of fun. I remember us talking about a trip across the USA years ago. Hope you have better weather than your first day in the rain. I also seem to remember a day we rode in heavy rain scared we were going to get hit by lighting!

    Have a great ride,

  2. Go, Ollie, Go...

    Sorry about the rain. As a longtime resident of the Eastern Seaboard, I can attest to the "thunderbumpers" and all the precipitation that ensues. Just so you get the vernacular correct as you make you way through the quasi-south...when there's rain falling AND sun shining all at the same time, you should say "Ah, the devils beatin' his wife". I have no idea what that means exactly, but you'll fit in like a native just by saying that in a very wise and knowing way. Have fun!

  3. Ollie - just remember this cold rainy day when you are in the blistering heat.... I can not tell you how much I admire you.