Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ashland, VA

Mon, May 18, 35 miles. Day 2: Glendale, VA to Ashland, VA. Judy and I were the breakfast cooks today. I fixed frittatas’ with the left-over broccoli, carrots, onions, and tomatoes. Then on the road for the ride to Ashland, 35 miles away. Yea, no rain, but a headwind all day, no matter which direction we rode. Cycling through some beautiful country and loaded with Civil War History. Along the road, we saw the Garthwright Home. It was used as a field hospital used first by the Union and then by the Confederate Armies. The family was forced the live in the basement. As the doctors operated, the blood from the amputations dripped down through the cracks in the floor onto the family…and somehow the family endured. Incredible! Cold Harbor Battlefield has the best preserved earthen works of the Civil War. Very sobering to realize that the soldiers were ordered to charge to their deaths for some insignificant piece of real estate. Dig a ditch, hide in it and shoot those Yanks as they come charging up the hill at you. Believe me, today we are indeed bicycling in the land of Dixie, where Confederate Flags abound, and “Duke’s of Hazard” cars are proudly displayed on the lawn. Camping tonight in an organized campground the has wi-fi, hot showers and a store. Some went to town to buy bike parts, and beer…the essentials, and not necessarily in that order. More Later

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