Friday, May 22, 2009

Mineral, VA

Day 3, Ashland to Mineral: Tues. May 19, 65 Miles. Yikes, what a night…last night…Trucks, Jake brakes, airplanes, freeway 100 yards away…I think I slept, I think. Coffee at 6:00 am, breakfast of cookies, wet oatmeal and cantaloupe. On the road at 8:30 m for a 65 mile ride to 8 miles outside the town of mineral. On the way we went through the town of Bumpass, so named for the fact that the hobos (bums) were able to jump onto the trains at this point. I went into a antique furniture building and restoration shop. It was fun talking to the craftsman who was there. Really neat! Today I actually fixed and ate a PBJ sandwich, my first since I was a kid. Four of us took the long route around Lake Anna, a beautiful wooded lake with really nice homes, each with their own boat houses and docks. You would hate to be an opossum in this state….road kill galore! Also, like I’ve said before, this is the deep south, where “four letter words” have two syllables…like “day-am”, and "hay-el"…well, you get the picture! Dinner was chicken over veggies cooked in wine sauce, green salad, and bread. Terrific! Tonight’s lodging is camping on the lawn of William Hale’s Farm. He is an retired contractor who does organic gardening and composting. Super nice guy who caters to cyclists. We set our tent city in his front yard.

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