Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 6 Buchannan, VA

Day 6, Blue Ridge Parkway to Bethel Campground near Buchannan, VA, Fri. May 22, 72 miles: Out of bed, on the road early, have a lot of miles this day. More climbing up the Parkway, then a SCREAMING downhill! Three miles of steep switchbacks at over 40 miles per hour. What a blast! Fortunately, it was a nice smooth road and no cars! Into the town of Vesuvius and then on the road from there. We follow our maps, and in Virginia, there are route signs that say 76, and they are for bicycle tourists. Visited Virginia Military Institute. Many of the North and the South Civil War Generals were schooled there including “Stonewall” Jackson. In the museum, they have his favorite horse “Little Sorrel” stuffed and mounted in a display case. So on down the road in beautiful scenery. While riding, I came upon a 5 foot Black Snake lying in the road. Wanting to the “Good Samaritan”, I tried to shoe it off the road with my front tire. The snake decided that the bike wheel was a great place to climb and proceeded to climb its way all through my bike, wheels, frame, chain rings and all. Check out the photos. It did indeed get across the road, finally. Came across “Ollie’s” cafe. Always a new adventure around every corner. Spent the night camping in the Bethel Camp of the Church of the Brethren. Very nice digs, but super cold showers.

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  1. hi ai am valentin, mr.Wolff's home hospital student. I will be watching your progress. Better leave those snakes alone.