Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 12, Rosedale, VA to Kingsport, TN Milage: Unknown

Except for
these photos, Day 12 is entirely gone from my memory bank. I don't remember the crash, I don't remember the ambulance ride to the first hospital, nor the Helicopter Life Flight to the Level 1 trauma center in Kingsport, TN. My first recollection is waking up in the center with chest tubes IV tubes, and catheter tubes coming out of me everywhere. We were heading to The Breaks Interstate Park, so I know that I was 10+/- miles into the ride. I evidently crashed on a downhill going pretty fast...and hit pretty hard. As in; 10 broken ribs, a separated right shoulder, both lungs collapsed with hemo-pneumo-thorax. and a concussion. Ouch about sums it up! Now for the good news....I'm alive with no spinal or cerebral injuries, and I will recover. I spent 12 days in the trauma center where received the best in medical and personal care. The food not-withstanding. Pam flew out the next day and has been with me ever since, bless her heart. It's very difficult for me to tell you how disappointed I am in not being able to complete the Trans-Am trip...But, Like I said, I am alive and I will ride again another day. Thank you for all that have been following this blog, and especially to those who have donated to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters foundation that I was raising funds for. For those of you that would like continue to follow rest of the group as they bicycle across the USA, here is another site for you to check out. Also, if you are so inclined, the on-line donation site for my fund-raiser is: Thank You for your Prayers and Expressions of Concern. Pam and I are sincerely touched, Ollie