Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 5, Blue Ridge Pasrkway

Day 5, Charlottesville to The Blue Ridge Parkway, Thur. May 21, 55 Miles. Twenty years ago I taped a Adventure Cycling map of the United States to the wall of my office. I took a yellow felt pen and marked a path across the map that would be my “Dream Route” across the states. Every day I would sit at my deck and look at the map and wonder when it would happen. Well it is finally sinking in that I am actually riding across the USA. So here goes with Day 5. This is one of those days that is “Way beyond Photograph” 5900 Feet of climbing, beautiful rolling hills, the “Cookie Lady”, and, to top it off, the Blue Ridge Parkway. Only 55 miles, but tons of climbing, and spectacular scenery. Started out with rural rolling hills with beautiful houses outside of Charlottesville….along the way we came upon a fruit stand where we ate lunch. There was a group of pre-schoolers there doing the “pick your own strawberries” thing. One of the little kids saw one of us in our riding gear, then looked up at his teacher and said; “teacher is that a stranger?” In other words, “should I be afraid of them?“ Sheesh, we’re raising a generation of kids that are afraid of their shadow. Then on to Afton, VA, the home of the “Cookie Lady”. For 30 years June Curry has been serving the cyclists that pass her door. She offers them (and us) food and lodging. An old “livery” building serves as her SHRINE to the cycling world. The building is over-loaded with post cards, jerseys, photos, and news articles about her. Every inch of every wall. Even Charles Kuralt was there and did a “On the Road” segment about her. An incredible place. Then up to the Blue Ridge Parkway…and I do mean up. However, the Parkway was spectacular! View Points to look over Shenandoah Valley and the Roanoke Valley. So here we are in Love at a Royal Oaks House Camp. Hot tub and all. This is really a rough camping trip. A lottery for the beds tonight.

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