Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 4 Charlottesville

Day 4, Mineral to Charlottesville: Wed. May 20, 55 Miles. Although it was hard to leave our host at Hales, Farm, we are looking forward to visiting Monticello. Beautiful, rolling hills all through rural Virginia. Spectacular! Short steep hills all day and heavy truck and car traffic, with no shoulders. Saw Plantation Ashland, the home of President James Madison…I guess you need to have a gorgeous Plantation to be a president. After 20 miles, I was starved…my oatmeal and banana were gone…so we stopped and I ate my dry salami-cheese sandwich. We turned in at Monticello and did a tour of the grounds and garden. Thomas Jefferson was quite man, and quite an architect. Monticello is special. We left there on a 2.5 mile hiker-biker trail out to Hwy 20...a horrible road with fast traffic and no shoulder…then 10 miles on the to the KOA. Whew, what a relief to arrive in one piece. Dinner was corn and burger chili over crushed tortilla chips. Shower, map meeting, diary and bed. No cell phone here. A very nice campground, in the trees and quiet. Gotta go bed, a 55 miler tomorrow but tons of climbing.

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