Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 8, Wytheville, VA

Day 8, Sun. May 24, Christiansburg to Wytheville, VA, 63 Miles: Boy, did I luck out. I was cook for last night…we went to Chinese, because of the late evening arrival, and this morning (I’m still cook) we had to vacate the church for their Sunday Services…so we went to Burger King for a healthy Breakfast! The day was cloudy and cool for most of it…more steep climbing (17% climbs), and we made a wrong turn and did 5 extra miles before turning around. Through rolling hills and beautiful valleys with great home sites…everything is green and flowered here. Lunch stop at a small country store that loves cyclists. Today I asked an exiting church member for directions to one of our roads, he said; “Where yaw-all headin” I said “Oregon”…he thought for a moment and said; “May-an, yaw-all cay-nt get there from here”. Finally he told me where the road was. Lodging tonight is the Presbyterian Church here in Wytheville…very nice digs. One more day of riding before a day off…whew!


  1. Still following along. Great to see a pic of a smiling (and buff) Alice! Was wondering if she was there as you don't really speak about your traveling companions. Also wondering if you get a chance to read your comments. Great job everyone is doing!

  2. Yes, I read the comments...Alice says Hi....Ollie