Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 9, Damascus, VA

Day 9, Mon. May25, Wytheville to Damascus, VA, 62 Miles: Question: How many hungry Trans-Am bicycle riders does it take to eat a ‘Possum? Answer: Two, One to eat while the other one watches for cars! We lost one rider today…The hills were a bit too much and his crash didn‘t help. Very sorry to see him go. And finally it is less hilly. Very nice riding today with the final 15 miles being downhill all the way to Damascus. Entering dairy country. Beautiful country roads along wonderful fishing streams. Raining part of the ride. Hard to take enough Photos, as the country is full of beautiful churches, homes and very interesting road names. The last few miles to Damascus I rode on the “Virginia Creeper Trail”…it’s a converted railroad bed to hiking and mountain biking, and it has rejuvenated the town financially. Over bridges, and streams and through the woods. Wow, Thank goodness we are at a campground that has some porch accommodations for my sleeping bag….the sky just opened up…Torrential Rain! Hot Dog, I do not have to set up my tent! AND…It gets better: Tomorrow is a day off! Dinner tonight was spaghetti and meatballs Caesar salad, and cherry pie, my fourth big meal of the day, and I’ll probably go to bed hungry.


  1. Hey Ollie - congrats man - you are living your dream! I heard possum tates a little like chicken - but you will have to let me know. Good luck and happy Memorial day!


  2. Hi Ollie,
    Enjoying all the stories and pictures. I'm still laughing about the directions to Oregon. Boy, it sounds like there's some real climbing. Keep up the good reporting.