Saturday, July 11, 2009

kingsport, TN to Chico, CA Milage 3289 miles

So...I started out on two wheels and ended up on four wheels (after the crash). Some of my "wonderful" friends have suggested that I equip my bicycle with "air bags" or at least "training wheels". Thank you for that...I am now able to laugh at your jokes! These two angels, Jerry and Muriel Paregien, live in Kingsport, TN. This is the town that I was "Life-Flighted" to for my stay in the trauma center. Jerry is a retired California Highway Patrol Officer who was stationed in Yuba City for 15 or so years while on duty. I practiced dentistry in Yuba City for 40 years! So what are the chances of two families living in the same small California city meeting by chance in Tennessee? But wait, there's more...Pam and I would have never known that they lived there except for the fact that my father-in law, Bob, who is also a retired CHP, is best friends with the Paregiens, since both he and Jerry served TOGETHER in the CHP in southern CA! When Pam's mother asked where the hospital was...she about jumped through the telephone. "That's where Jerry and Muriel live", she cried! Jerry and Muriel invited us into their home for my recovery...fed us...gave us warm hospitality, and treated us like their family...what a couple of angels! We stayed with them for 10 days, and they even gave us a ride to the airport at 4:30 am for our flight home. It has been said, that nothing happens by chance...and even though it might be hard to understand, there seemed to be a greater plan at work here. I'm still trying to put together the pieces.....


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